Secondary School Students Advised on Character and Study Habits
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Mon, 2014-06-23 12:53

Dr. Geoffrey Wango with form 4 students in Muthurwa secondary school.

Students in secondary schools have been advised to work hard in their studies towards attaining the desired high goals. This involves adopting appropriate study habits, positive attitude and working hard. That way, students can learn and acquire knowledge and skills in a variety of subjects. Dr. Geoffrey Wango, a counselling psychologist in the Department of Psychology was speaking to girls in Form Three and Form Four at Muthurwa Girls Secondary School.

Dr. Wango told the students that time is of the essence and planning is essential. The students were overwhelmed to learn that good students are smart; they are responsible, disciplined, organized and will avoid a last minute rush. The Form Three and Form Four students had personal timetables and also took time to study even during the holidays. Dr. Wango informed them that high-quality character is aforethought, a predisposition and a personal choice.

Dr Wango emphasized on key virtues such as integrity, responsibility, excellence and leadership are founded on knowledge, emotional intelligence and effective communication. Students must be inspired to become the best as they go through school and in later life. The girls took time to discuss various career choices in different fields including accounting, banking, commerce and industry, engineering, journalism and media, law, legislation, medicine and pharmacy and teaching.

Dr. Wango is the author of a book on Study Skills. The book is about how a student should organize their time and studies by working hard. In the end, the student will achieve much more including character formation, a sense of responsibility and ultimately succeed in examinations and in life. That way, the book serves as a practical and constructive guide in studying and responsible livelihood.

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