Employees' perception of psychological contract: a case study of Kenya meat commission
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Psychological contract exists to enhance employment relationship. Aspects of the employment relationship cannot be addressed in a formal, written contract; the psychological contract fills the gaps in the relationship. Furthermore, the psychological contract shapes employee attitudes and behavior. Employees weigh their obligations towards the organization against the obligations of the organization towards them and adjust their behavior accordingly on the basis of critical outcomes. The main objective of the study therefore was to determine the extent of employees' perception of psychological contract among KMC employees. Data was collected from sixty (60) employees of Kenya Meat Commission. The collected data was analyzed and interpreted in line with the objective of the study. The response rate was eighty-six (86%) percent. The study has established that with the psychological contract at the Kenya Meat Commission is being fulfilled to some extent. This is mainly through the job content and the social as well as the work environment. The company is hardly two years since its revival and could be riding on the wave of the new energy it may have received from the (- involvement of the government in fmancing it. The prevailing government goodwill and support could also be contributing to this. On the basis of the above observation, the management of the firm should look into ways of sustaining the current mood and ensure that the psychological contract is fulfilled to a v great extent. This will ensure that the satisfaction of employees is guaranteed thus the productivity of the company will be assured. Majority of the employees have worked in KMC for more than one year, an indication that the people who participated in the study understood the issues which were being researched on, since KMC is two years old since its revival. From the findings, majority of the respondents, have Secondary Education, an indication that their contributions to KMC mainly relies on experience and on-the-job training as opposed to professional training. The main issues determining the psychological contract at KMC were found to be delivery of quality work, working fast and efficiently cooperating well with others, following the company policies, norms and procedures, protecting confidential information, and lastly using the organization's properties honestly. The employees to a great extent acknowledge that KMC other than being seen to oblige in meeting all the aspects of a psychological contract, it fulfils its psychological contract largely by: assigning employees jobs with responsibilities, facilitating a positive relationships between colleagues and lastly fostering a good communication among colleagues. Further research should however be carried out touching on the management levels of organization that this study did not venture .in order to obtain a full picture of the psychological contract in the organization. There should be increased involvement of the management in setting ground for a serious consideration of the psychological contract.

Longurasia, Consolata C
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