An assessment of perceived psychological contract violation on employee performance & commitment at bank of Africa Kenya ltd
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We live, work and die in organization, every person/employee is entitled to own feelings has a right, constitutional, personal, to express own dissatisfaction if aggrieved by organizations (employer. A psychological contract consists of beliefs an employee has as for as work related issues are concerned, especially the contract part of employment (Rousedu 2000), because it is this contract which binds the employee and the organization. The study on psychological contract was successfully undertaken; staff from various branches and headquarters participated. A questionnaire was used to solicit information which was evaluated and findings and recommendations drawn. The study highlighted on various levels of contract violation and employees effective commitment. However the study revealed variance levels of beliefs on contract violation across the bank. The final analysis indicated that contract violation can affect employee performance, it’s important to realize the existence of the problem and find out managerial remedy to the same, to encourage productivity and work. Place cooperation and employee goodwill, hence improving their attitude and commitment to the organization.


Abbas, Faisal
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