The effects of single parenthood on the development of adolescents 14 -19 years in Nairobi City
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This study set out to assess the relationship between single parenthood and the socio-psychological development of adolescents in Kenya and more specifically Nairobi area. The study explores the relationship of single parents with their adolescents and the effects of the relationship on the behavior of the adolescents It further sought to identify the ways of dealing with the situation of adolescents behaviors vis-a-vis single parenthood. The study found that the socio-psychological consequences of abuse to be even more serious than it's physical effects. The economic status of the single parents affects the development of the adolescents. The study also found out that the socialization methods used by single parents influences the development of their adolescents and finally that mothers as single parents abuse their adolescents more than fathers do. The study finally concluded that a greater proportion of mothers are single parents than fathers. It was also clear that many adolescents are not bothered being in school with adolescent who have both parents. It also found out that most parents do not spent much time with their adolescents because they are busy trying to provide the basic needs for the family The study recommends that the government needs to introduce or amend the children's bill so that it can address the major problems facing children especially the ones in the single parent households. Lastly there should be an establishment of a child abuse hotline Where the abused children can report the problems they are undergoing in their families without fear


Ahogo, Caroline N
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