Psychological contract and organizational commitment among customer care representatives (CCR's) at Safaricom Limited, Nairobi, Kenya
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The study was set to determine the relationship between psychological contract and employee commitment among the Customer Care Representatives (CCR's) in Safaricom Limited. The study adopted a survey research design because of the nature of the data and the analysis which was comparative. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics, that is, frequencies percentages, mean score and standard deviation. The study found that employees had expectations' and perceptions about the organization at the point of joining Safaricom which included tremendous career growth and good benefits, being associated with best employer in the industry, better experience, job security, friendly staff, strict supervision, high class service delivery and better medical cover. The study found that perceived employee obligations to Safaricom were mainly determined by; extra role behaviour (work fast and efficiently and get along with other colleagues), flexibility (work extra hours to get job done and volunteer to carry out duties that are not yours), ethical behaviour (protect confidential information and follow the company's policies, norms and procedures), loyalty (remain with the organization for at least some years and not immediately looking for job offers elsewhere) and employability (take personal initiative to attend additional training course). The study also found out that perceived organization obligation to employee were; career development (Career development opportunities in the company and Opportunities for promotion), job content (Opportunities to show what you can do, a job with responsibilities), social atmosphere (A conducive atmosphere at work, Good communication among colleagues), financial rewards (an attractive pay and benefits package, regular benefits and extras) and work-life balance(Respect for your personal situation and Opportunities to decide when to take your vacation) Employee commitment were; affective commitment (Safaricom has a great deal of personal meaning for me, I feel emotionally attached to Safaricom and I feel a sense of belonging in Safaricom), continuance commitment (Staying with Safaricom is matter of necessity as much as I desire) and normative commitment {how well do you live up to your promises to Safaricom


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