The relationship between employee psychological contract and organization citizenship behavior at the National Social Security Fund in Nairobi
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This study sought to determine the relationship between employees' psychological contract and organization citizenship behavior. The study was carried out between the 16th August and 10th September 2010. The population of interest consisted of the managerial level staff in the four branches of the NSSF in Nairobi. Data was collected from eighty (80) employees of the four NSSF branches in Nairobi. The collected data was analyzed and interpreted in line with the objective of the study. The response rate was 90% of the target population. The study established that there exists the exchange relationship between employee psychological contract and organization citizenship behaviour, for instance the fulfillment of the organization's obligations towards its employees is important in explaining the willingness of employees to engage in organization citizenship behaviour. On the basis of the above observation, management should be careful about promises they make to employees particularly in the context of organizational change when reneging of promises may be more prevalent. It also needs to be aware that employees may differ in the extent to which they accept the norm of reciprocity in their exchange relationship with the employer.


Nambaka, Fridah K
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