Some Aspects Of Christian Pastoral Care And Counselling In The Contemporary Secondary Schools Of Kenya: A Study Of Selected Schools In Machakos District
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The secondary school students are falling victims to many kinds of problems. There have been strikes, riots and other forms of student unrest in the Kenyan schools. The students, teachers, parents and church leaders do not want to be held responsible for this phenomenon. But, what is the role of each of these people 1n ensuring that students develop wholesomely? The need to help students to understand themselves and solve their psychological, social, spiritual, physical, intellectual and economic problems is acknowledged, yet many people do not know what is being done towards achieving that goal. This thesis is a result of both Library and field research and it contains a study of Christian Pastoral Care and Counselling as practiced 1n some 39 selected secondary schools in Machakos District. Chapter one 1S an introduction to the study. Chapter two serves as an introduction to both adolescence psychology and pastoral care and counselling to adolescents, as proper provision of these services to students presupposes sound knowledge of adolescence psychology and the skills of providing ideal Christian pastoral care and counselling. The chapter serves as a background to studying what 1S happening in the selected schools. Chapters three and four describe the pastoral care and counselling provided in the schools studied. There is an analysis of the personnel who provide them, the activities through which they are provided, some bodies and subjects which contribute towards their provision, the I resource materials used and, the involvement of different Christian churches in providing them. The different Chapter five contains a discussion about the problems of students which need to be catered for by those who provide pastoral care and counselling are discussed. Some of the sensitive problems among students and, upbringing and environment as causes of student problems are described. usefulness of the services under discussion, the attitude of different people towards Christian pastoral counsellors and their work and, the problems which the Christian pastoral counsellors face. The concluding chapter six contains a summary of the research findings, conclusions from the research findings, recommendations for improving Christian pastoral care and counselling for students and, suggestions for further research.


Wambua, Abraham W.
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