The psychosocial impact of community based detoxification and rehabilitation among alcohol dependent persons at Kangemi, Nairobi Kenya a one year follow up study
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Background: Both males and females suffer from psychiatric and drug use disorders. However, certain psychiatric disorders affect genders disproportionately; drug use disorders are more prevalent in males than females. Objective: To assess the variation among alcohol dependent persons by living arrangements, and the contribution of psychological, social and behavioral factors to these variations. Methods: RecruitInent was limited to persons who had been in the community detoxification and rehabilitation programme for at least 3 months. Community Health Volunteers purposely sampled the alcohol dependent persons in the community and enrolled them in the community detoxification and rehabilitation programme; they approached and sent the respondents to respective detoxification centre for the purpose of this study. After consenting, the respondents filled out the study instruments. Outcome measures: The prevalence estimates obtained can be used to plan future studies and build upon this assessment on the need for a comprehensive rehabilitation programme in this populations in Kenya. Thus, this will help define the subpopulations most affected by these mental disorders an~,'-Vilt allow for a more thorough evaluation of the magnitude of the association between, ~~, mental disorders and quality of life as well as allowing for exploration of purported. ,5 risk factors in the severity of these health problems. This will measure the quality of life specifically in this population of adults seeking alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation treatment.


Bagaka, Betty M
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