Interventions in the participation of children with physical challenges in Early Childhood Education learning in Starehe district of Nairobi
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This study sought to investigate the interventions adopted by preschool teachers in the learning of physically challenged preschool children in Starehe District of Nairobi. The study looks at the background information regarding preschool learning and the problem icing children with physical challenges in their learning. The study reviews literature related to physical challenges in preschool children and examines literature in the pedagogy of such children. Moreover, the study examines theories related to learning and teaching children with physical challenges. In its methodology, the study uses structured interview and observation as the principle data collection instruments. The study identifies teachers and head teachers as the target population. Data for this study is analysed by tabular and graphic presentation of the findings. The study finds that children with physical challenges have special needs that influence their ability to learn well. Hence there is need for instructional interventions to facilitate their learning. The study established that learners have psychological, emotional, physical and instructional needs which teachers have effectively engaged interventions that have, yielded encouraging results.


Khavugwi, Lilian G
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