Influence of domestic violence on the socioeconomic development of women:A study of Eldoret town, Uasin-gishu county
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Domestic violence has continued to be a global epidemic that kills and tortures physically, psychologically, economically and socially. This study sought to investigate the influence of domestic violence on socio-economic development of women in Eldoret town, Uasin Gishu County. The study was meant to achieve four objectives: To investigate the influence of physical violence on the socio-economic development of women, investigate the influence of social violence on the socio-economic development of women, investigate the influence of psychological violence on socio-economic development of women and to investigate the influence of economic violence on socio-economic development of women. The prevalence of domestic is higher in Kenya as a developing nation. Generally, this research enables you to better understand social conditions and social issues broadly and how these perspectives impact on society’s response. The theoretical framework that guided this study was based on social learning theory which provided insights on domestic-related violence. This research employed mainly random sampling. Analysis of data collected was mainly from snowball design using both qualitative and quantitative tools. 175 women were the target of the study. A sample size of 120 women 30 from each of the designated institutions was used for the study mainly from Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Ngeria Prisons, Eldoret Prisons and Eldoret Police Station; gender section. In addition the researcher prepared questionnaires which were administered during the data collection process. The data helped in generating frequencies and percentage of the variable values. The test-retest technique was used to test the reliability and validity of the research instruments which involved administration of same instruments twice to the same group that was not part of the study population. The findings of the study indicated that domestic violence is a vice that affects women from all regions in the nation. It was quite prevalent from households where women had low educational levels, young, unemployed, large families which they could not attend to and men who abused drugs. Additionally, domestic violence had an adverse effect to women including their children. This study significantly contributed to new knowledge in order to assist researchers and policy makers in understanding of various issues which are related to domestic violence. It is also possible to understand and appreciate with an intention of reducing/curbing the various causes and effects of domestic violence. The study recommended that in order to curb this issue of domestic violence, women should be empowered through public awareness education, encouraging women to report crimes to police, supporting women through individual work and group work and supporting women through enabling disclosure.


Ndong, Susan A
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