Violence against women: the case of Kiogoro division, Kisii central district
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This study identifies the common forms of violence and the causes of the violence. It dwells on violence against women both within and without the households. The study stems from pre-existing differences in socio-economic endowments between men and women, and also pre-existing gendered cultural and social perceptions. The study was conducted in Kiogoro division in Kisii Central District which has an area of 62.9 km2 and a projected population of76,168 by the end of2008. Qualitative data analysis was carried out according to the objectives of the study. The objectives were achieved and recommendations made on how to alleviate the vice. The study concludes that violence against women had affected women, their families and the society at large socially, economically, physically and psychologically and so should be curbed at any and all cost. From the findings of this study, there is need for corrective measures to mitigate on violence against women.

Nyamwega, Eunice M
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