Effects of 2007 post election violence on the well being of children in Kenya: a case study of children in Kibera Slum nairobi
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This study sought to understand the effects of 2007 Post Election Violence (PEV) on Children's socioeconomic wellbeing by focusing on children living in Nairobi's Kibera slum .Post election violence is a recent occurrence in Kenya when considering the magnitude with which it was witnessed in 2007.1t was important to conduct a scientific study on the impact it has had on children. With empirical evidence from this study, it would inform scholar, government ana development agencies in designing policies that would address the needs and protection of children in war like situations. The study was guided by five objectives that were designed to capture the different effects of PEV on children's well being. The study used purposive and snowballing sampling techniques to draw a representative sample of 120 respondents (60 children and 60 Parents).Focused group discussions was conducted with 42 people comprising of children, parents, religious leaders and community leaders; Key informant interviews with 16 key informants comprising of administrative leaders, social workers, agency representatives, health workers and teachers. The study revealed that over 500 children were affected by PEV and in many ways. Children have been adversely affected socially, materially physically and psychologically. Socially peer relationships have been strained due to entrenched tribalism after PEV. Materially most children have had their parents loose their means of livelihood after properties and businesses were destroyed during PEV. These have made them more vulnerable to the hard economic times currently being experienced in the country. Physically some children have dropped out of school, some were raped and some were injured. Psychologically children are still traumatized from the orgies they witnessed in 2007 and the findings have revealed high levels of stress among the children. Findings from this study has also revealed that children from Kikuyu ethnic community were the worst affected. As to what triggered PEV, majority of the respondents indicated tribalism and rigged elections. In terms of future elections both the children and parents would like to see peace and electoral reforms.


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