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 Developmental Psychology, Teaching and Learning, Personality, Social

     Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Deviant behaviour, Motivation and

     Emotion, Biopsychology.

            Head Of Thematic Area

Dr. Odhiambo.

Members Of Thematic Area

Dr. Luke Odiemo

       Ms. Oburu,

Dr. Levi,

Prof. Kariuki,

Mr. Oketch,

Dr. Kimamo,

Mr. Muchai,

Research Projects Of Thematic Area

Degree Programmes/Course Units Linked To Thematic Area

CPY 101:        Introduction to Psychology

CPY 103:        History and Systems of Psychology

CPY 114:        Psychology of Learning, Motivation & Emotion

CPY 116:        Psychology of Human Development

TPS 202:         Psychology of Teaching and Learning

CPY 205:        Personality Psychology

CPY 207:        Cognitive Psychology

CPY 206:        Psychology of Adjustment

TPS 302:         Guidance and Counselling in Schools

CPY 312:        Psychology of Communication

CPY 317:        Cognitive Psychology

CPY 318:        Basic Statistics

CPY 413:        Psychology of the Family

CPY 417:        Forensic Psychology

Possible Career Opportunities

  •  Teachers, Researchers, 
  • Child Welfare Officers,
  • Social Workers
  • Education Officers.