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2009/2010 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Factors Influencing Attitudes Of Female University Of Nairobi Students Towards Marriage Ndegwa Grace Murugi 2009/2010 View Details
Factors Contributing To Consumption Of Alcohol And Cigarette Smoking Among Pupils In Primary Schools In Nairobi. Joyce Bosibori Okong'o 2009/2010 View Details
An Investigation Of Factors That Enable Effective Management Of Stress In The Workplace At The International Livestock Research Institute. Judy Karimi Mbugua 2009/2010 View Details
Factors Influencing Use Of Drugs Among The Youth In Informal Settlements, Kibera, Nairobi Asuza Eldah Asiko 2009/2010 View Details
Socio-cultural Dimensions Of Gender-based Domestic Violence. Oluoch Lee 2009/2010 View Details
Factors Affecting Children Under Five Years Living With Hiv / Aids Florence Nyawira 2009/2010 View Details
Customer Care Activities In Service Delivery. Sheila Sempele 2009/2010 View Details
Levels And Effects Of Stress Among Administration Police Officers Karuti Laibuta 2009/2010 View Details
Effects Of Having A Hiv / Aids Workplace Programme On The Level Of Knowledge, Attitude And Sexual Behaviour Practices On Employees At K-rep Bank. Fidelis Mbagara 2009/2010 View Details
Prevalence Of Tobacco Use Among Patients At Kenyatta National Hospital Stephen Kahura Muchoki 2009/2010 View Details
The Challenges In Aids - Related Stigma On Decision To Take Hiv Test(s) Chelangat Beatrice 2009/2010 View Details
Psychological Factors Influencing Interpersonal Conflict In The Workplace. Sarisar P. Nyamalo 2009/2010 View Details
An Investigation In Gender Difference In Alcohol Abuse And Dependence. Kiyegon Erick 2009/2010 View Details
Effect Of Language Code Switching On Academic Chievements Of Learners With Hearing Impairment In Social Studres In Kakamega County. Epha Ow Ano Owino Ngota 2009/2010 View Details
Effects Of English Language Proficiency On Academic Performance In Biology Examinations. Oundo, Gladys Alombe 2009/2010 View Details
The Predictive Validity Of The Kenya Certificate Of Primary Education Examination Scores In Determining Academic Success Of Girls: A Case Study Of National Public Secondary Schools Nanjakululu J.w Ow Anambirifuma 2009/2010 View Details
The Inipact Of High-stakes Testing In Primary And Secondary Schools In Kenya Florah K. Shivonje 2009/2010 View Details
Implicatlions Of The Undergraduate Degree Classification Algorr:rtlms And Procedures In The University Of Nmrob! Klpyegon C. Peter 2009/2010 View Details
The Use Of Formative Assessment Results In The Design And Planning Of Instruction In Secondary Schools Of Kisii District Nyarunda George Ndervio 2009/2010 View Details
Effects Of Standardized Tests Feedback On Business Studies Teachers' Utilization Of Formative Assessment Tests In Kenyan Secondary Schools Ndukanio Paul Munyi 2009/2010 View Details
Accommodation Of The Belief In Non-scientific Knowledge:an Assay Of The Validity Of The Theory Of Conceptual Change In The Case Of Belief In Black Magic Victoria Mutio 2009/2010 View Details
The Effects Of Nomadic Lifestyle On Perforniance At Kcse Abdullahi, Adan 2009/2010 View Details