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picPsychology as a discipline is versatile and can combine with other disciplines, hence it is offered in the Faculty of Arts as a Major or a Minor specialization. Many students taking other disciplines such as Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Languages, History, Literature and Philosophy have enjoyed various units as core or electives in psychology. The programme not only emphasizes the personal growth of individual students but also encourages community outreach programmes both by the faculty and the students. In this regard, the department hosts a vibrant Psychology Club in which students are actively involved.

Since psychology as a discipline is new in Africa, the Department of Psychology has had an impact in popularizing the study, practice and consumption of psychology in Kenya.  The Department is well linked with organizations that support health and growth of ethical practice of psychology, for example, Mathari Hospital, Kenyatta National Hospital, NACADA, Nairobi Women’s Hospital and the Kenya Counsellors and Psychologists Association. External links with the Department include Birmingham Southern College at Alabama (USA),  the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland, Australia and the University of Vanderbilt, Nashville (USA).

The department of psychology continues to service the Faculty of Education B.Ed programmes,   and the M.Ed programme in Measurement and Evaluation. The Department also teaches psychology units in the Faculty of Agriculture, School of Nursing Sciences, School of Engineering and Architecture, School of Economics and the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Since the demand for specialized psychologists in Kenya, Africa and the world is on the rise in all sectors, the Department of Psychology has introduced Masters and PhD programmes in a wide range of specializations. These programmes include Counseling Psychology, Special Needs Education, Industrial Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Social Psychology and Community Psychology.