Developmental Psychology, Teaching and Learning, Personality, Social  Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Deviant behaviour, Motivation and Emotion, Biopsychology.

Degree Programmes/Course Units Linked To Thematic Area

CPY 101:        Introduction to Psychology

CPY 103:        History and Systems of Psychology

CPY 114:        Psychology of Learning, Motivation & Emotion

CPY 116:        Psychology of Human Development

TPS 202:         Psychology of Teaching and Learning

CPY 205:        Personality Psychology

CPY 207:        Cognitive Psychology

CPY 206:        Psychology of Adjustment

TPS 302:         Guidance and Counselling in Schools

CPY 312:        Psychology of Communication

CPY 317:        Cognitive Psychology

CPY 318:        Basic Statistics

CPY 413:        Psychology of the Family

CPY 417:        Forensic Psychology


  •  Teachers, Researchers, 
  • Child Welfare Officers,
  • Social Workers
  • Education Officers.